Friday, June 29, 2012

Huckabee Show July 28th Air Date & Tunes!

Tomorrow (June 30th) we have the long awaited honor of being invited to play with Governor Mike Huckabee on The Mike Huckabee Show for Fox News Channel! Huck will be joining us on a tune or two that will be taped tomorrow and aired on JULY 28th at 8:00PM! So mark your calendars, set your DVRs, and prepare for The Lads to invade your home via the airwaves once more! You can also join our Facebook event at as well as follow us on Twitter/Facebook for updates/reminders as the day approaches!

In further news, we'll be playing Times Square at the famous Pig & Whistle Pub on Friday, July 27th so come on out and hear all your Clatty favorites before you hang out and watch us on the ol' TV! Let's celebrate it up right!!

On top of all that, we have begun streaming the performance from Imus In The Morning for you to hear the new tunes as well as some favorites from the EP!  You can hear them on our Music page or simply stream them here:
  The Clatty Lads LIVE on Imus In The Morning April 2012 by The Clatty Lads

 Let us know what you think of the new tunes, hopefully video will be available of them soon too! As always, thanks for all your support, come have a pint with us soon, and we'll see you on National TV!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Bitter End & Killer Press

HEY! Just a quick update to the ol' home page to remind you that we'll be rockin the famous NYC venue The Bitter End on Saturday, June 9th at 10:00PM!  The show is only $5, 18+, and in a great part of the West village so we look forward to having a blast with you all!

We've also had some great press reviews of the new EP written up stateside and over in ol' Ireland!  Thank you so much to the authors/reviewers and we look forward to hearing more so please send em our way at Check out The Anglo Celt review:

"Virginia exile turns his hand to authentic Americana"
By: Damian McCarney
May 2012
The Anglo Celt - Cavan, Ireland

The most surprising aspect of the authentic, feel-good Americana served up in The Clatty Lads’ first eP is that their frontman hails from Virginia. No doubt singer Adrian Sharkey’s influence is all over the New York band’s musical output (and definitely the name) but it will take a keen ear to locate a hint of european let alone Irish, or less still Cavan fingerprints on this eponymous five-track.

You’re basically swept off in a convertible Cadillac speed- ing along a sun-drenched Route 66 or some equivalent hollywood movie scene deep in the Irish psyche, such is the State-centric flavour of the tunes. This shouldn’t be read as criticism – it’s truly a refreshing sound.

That’s not to say Sharkey puts on an American accent (in speaking there’s no hiding his roots); he offers strong, clean vocals full of character on the rockier numbers, while a slower track requiring world-weary vocals is left to fellow Clatty Lad, Josh Patch. Musically the six piece have a bank-balance swelling ear for melody, and this accessibility is already drawing a lot of at- tention in New York with live performances on national TV and radio.

Soft rock number Left To Be Nothing is arguably the highlight of this slick, professional eP. Lyrically it may dip towards the morose, but the guitars (Patch/David Yesner) charging through the chorus and oh-oh refrain are hugely uplifting.

Rhythmically the lads are far from clatty - drummer Chris Mintiens and bassist Justin Brewer are superbly understated, always throwing in variations, rewarding repeat listens.

Opener, A Shade Further Grey, is a Ryan Adams-style upbeat number complete with hand claps and Matt Knapp’s superb pedal steel guitar. Its infectious melody has a feel good chorus like John Cougar’s Jack and Diane where it demands the listener to sing along, and just like that ‘80s classic you can’t make out the lyrics either. It’s not hard to imagine how well this number goes down live.

A brace of country flavoured numbers, laced with generous measures of liquor and regret, slacken the pace. Neither ‘Never Lonely On Tomorrow’ (“I pick up the bottle/drink away my sorrows... No more tears/I just drank a couple dozen beers ”) or the sombre Six Pack of Tears with mournful slide and Patch’s harmonica would be recommended listening for Alcoholics Anonymous members. On the other hand, broken-hearted barflies weeping into their pints will be in their element.

‘The Day That I’ brings sees The Clatty Lads revert to their anthemic best – it’s the kind of tune that could accompany the climax of a coming of age American dramas where the geek ends up with the girl and is befriended by the jocks who’ve a new found sensitivity and everyone feels invincible. Anyway it’s one of those life- affirming songs that’s impossible not to like.

Surely The Clatty Lads are destined to make some sort of breakthrough. See for yourself by logging onto where you can buy the EP and/or avail of the free download of A Shade Further Grey.

We are also honored to have reviewed by Jayson Berray once more on his music blog "Here's What I Meant By That". Please see the review here:

Thanks to everyone for your support in purchasing the EP, it all brings us one step closer to hopefully getting a Full Length done! Share us with your friends and family and we look forward to having a few pints with you all at the shows!  See ya soon!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Mike Huckabee Show June 30th, 2012! And More!

BREAKING NEWS: In the amazing wake of the the "Imus In The Morning Show"letting us play their National TV stage on ABC Radio and Fox Business Channel, we have been invited back to the airwaves to be part of THE MIKE HUCKABEE SHOW on June 30th, 2012 at 8:00PM!!

This is a huge opportunity for us and we can't wait to get our tunes blasting into your living room across the country once more!  This time, on The Fox News Channel with Huck rockin the bass too maybe!!  Be sure to stay tuned to our website or Facebook page on how you could even come join us as part of the audience.

On top of that great news, how bout we drop some new material on you from Arlene's Grocery last Friday!  Our new friend Lailaa, creator of the new music blog The Music Dosage, stopped through the rehearsal space and even caught us for some live tunes at Arlene's.  Check out our feature this week on The Music Dosage website including a video interview and a couple live performances:

Along with that, our friend Chris Cimino of CiminoTech Productions who made our amazing "A Shade Further Grey" music video, recently submitted it and got accepted into The Park City Film & Music Festival!  Congrats! Here's a little trailer he made of the process for the video and a little bit of our progression as a band:

ALSO: Come catch us live on Saturday, June 9th at The Bitter End in NYC as we prepare to rock the summer.  This is a very famous venue check off the ol' list and you'll have a blast drinking some cold pints and jamming with us.  Only $5!!

Thanks everyone for your support in helping us reach these huge opportunities to have our music heard.  We hope you are liking what you hear and we hope we'll meet the right person to get a full-length done soon and into your stereo!!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Imus Rocked!

Thanks a million for honoring us with the opportunity to be a part of The Imus In The Morning show once again I-Man!  We had a blast and loved hanging out and jamming for everyone again!  If you missed it or just want to see some of it again, here are a couple clips from yesterday morning:

"Let Me In"

"Never Lonely On Tomorrow"

Thanks to everyone for all your support and feedback on the new tunes "Let Me In" & "Warm Setting Sky". Lets all hope that Mr. Big out there takes a listen and enjoys it enough to help us take things to the next level with a full-length!

Come on out Friday, April 27th at 9:00PM to Arlene's Grocery in NYC and enjoy some cold pints to celebrate with us! We'll have CDs for sale and more!


Backstage at Imus In The Morning!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Imus In The Morning! Lets Rock!

Tomorrow Morning, early up to Tune in and Turn up those TVs!  We hope you are as excited as we are and we look forward to hearing what you all think of the tunes!  Fans old and new, we welcome all!  Here's how to see it go down:

Channel: Fox Business Network - If you don't get it, DEMAND IT! TV Channel Finder:

Radio: ABC Radio Find your station here:

Listen live ONLINE here:

And find past shows if you miss it at:

If you are a first time vistor, please enjoy a FREE download of "A Shade Further Grey" from the self-titled EP available on iTunes and

The Clatty Lads - A Shade Further Grey (2012) by The Clatty Lads

Official Video:

We look forward to hearing from all of you across the country and globe!


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"Imus In The Morning Show" Return, More shows!

While we prepare to rock the "Imus In The Morning Show" on Fox Business Network and ABC Radio for a second time (SUPER HONORED!) as a FEATURED artist, we wanted to update you with details on how to watch it live on TV, listen on radio, or even stream it on the web!  Below Are the details we have so far, but we always recommend following us on Facebook and joining our Facebook Event Page for the most updates!

Watch/Listen to us play WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25th starting at 5:00PM EST.

Channel: Fox Business Network - If you don't get it, DEMAND IT!
TV Channel Finder:

Radio: ABC Radio
Find your station here:

Listen live ONLINE here:
And find past shows if you miss it at:

Also, MARK YOUR CALENDARS, as we rock Arlene's Grocery in NYC two days later Friday, April 27th at 9:00PM!  Come out and have a pint with us, tell us your favorite parts of the Imus show performance/interviews, the Arlene's Show, or just call us'll be a blast!!

We are also psyched to announce that we have been invited to also play at the famous Bitter End in NYC on Saturday, June 9th at 10:00 PM! One of the Nation's oldest rock clubs that we can't wait to add to our resume!

Stay tuned for more up dates! Thanks for all the support! Keep On and remember to grab a copy of the new EP!